Tile Cleaning Tips

We’ve put together some basic tile cleaning tips for your floor and wall tiles and a general care guide. Hopefully this will get you out of trouble, but if all else fails and you need an emergency visit then contact us using the details in the bar below

General Advice

Clean Tiled Floors at Least Once A Week. To keep your floors in tip top condition, vacuum or brush up as much loose soiling as you can before cleaning with any liquids. Clean with mild detergents and rinse afterwards with clean water

Be Careful of Moisture Absorbent Areas. Use good quality absorbent mops that don’t allow water to spread too far to areas such as thresholds to carpets and wooden kitchen cabinets

Liquid Spills. Dropped a bottle of sticky juice or syrup on your tiled floors? Scrape up as much solid matter first and then rinse and mop several times with warm water. Pay particular attention to cleaning grout between tiles as this is highly absorbent – any residue left will quickly attract soiling and discolouration.

Significant build up of limescale is often difficult to remove without specialist equipment such as A Brighter Home have access to. For minor build ups the domestic limescale removers such as supermarkets sell will work quite well but should be used with caution, particularly on metal/chrome surfaces – do not leave to dwell for too long on these types of surfaces.

Looking for a more thorough deep clean of your tiled flooring or walls? – Call us on 0845 658 8276 and we will aim to be with you as soon as possible.

Why Use Us?

  • Deep clean using the most high-tech equipment to leave your tiles sparkling clean!
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  • We can also clean other kitchen appliances such as fridges and freezers, ovens and hobs. Soft furnishings such as carpets, upholstery and rugs and mattresses.
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