Tile Cleaning FAQs

Q. What types of hard floors can you clean?

A. All glazed or sealed ceramic and porcelain type floors and wall tiles can be safely steam cleaned for an economical cost with excellent results. Other types of floors such as unsealed stone, slate or marble require more specialised cleaning. In these cases we will need to carry out a site visit and discuss your needs in more detail

Q. Can you clean hardwood or laminate floors?

A. We would not recommend steam cleaning these types of floors as they are very sensitive to moisture and can be easily damaged.

Q. I have noticed that since my floor was laid the grout has become very dirty and discoloured – how effectively does the grout clean up with your process?

A. Unless the grout was sealed by the tiler when he laid your floor which in our experience is unusual, there is only so much we can realistically do to improve it by cleaning. This is because the grout is absorbent and so takes on discolouration quickly. However, we now offer a grout recolouring and sealing service which can be used to prevent this problem reoccurring in the future. Call us for details or Click here

Q. My daughter has asthma, is your cleaning system safe to use in our property?

A. Although everything we use has been designed to be non-toxic, child and pet friendly, it is impossible to guarantee 100% that no one will have an adverse reaction to something we may use if they are particularly sensitive. Although it is unlikely your daughter would have a problem, our advice would always be to exclude any young or elderly members of the family, or pets from the areas cleaned until they are dry. Please remember though that regular cleaning is one of the best ways to promote a healthy, dust and germ free environment.

Q. Do you carry out on site quotes before the day of the clean?

A. In most cases this simply isn’t necessary (except for commercial cleans). Our team on the phones have many years of experience and in 99% of cases can provide you with an accurate quote. All of our operators are highly trained and will carry out a full survey of the clean with you before they start – any potential issues or pre-existing conditions will be highlighted at this point. If your item is not safe to be cleaned or we do not believe that we can achieve the required results then we will not charge you – although in our experience this is very rare.

A. Yes we can. If you have 2 or more rugs to be cleaned it is often just as economical for us to come to you to clean them. However, for those customers who may only have one rug, it is often far more economical to bring your rug to us. Most rug cleans can be completed within a few days.