Car Interior Cleaning

One of the A Brighter Home Technician's VehicleOur professional car interior cleaning leaves your upholstery much drier than most car valetters can. Selling your car and want to make the best possible impression? Had a spill in your pride and joy and don’t know where to turn?
Many of our customers find that the car upholstery cleaner they can buy from motorist stores or even some of the professional car upholstery cleaners out there simply can’t remove some stains or soiling, particularly to fabric car interiors.

Give your car interior a fresh new clean and chance of a longer life with A Brighter Home cleaning services At A Brighter Home many of our customers who use our expert upholstery cleaning service in their homes, also use our car interior cleaning services.

What types of interior can we clean?

  • Fabric – natural fibres and manmade
  • Leather
  • Fabric/Leather mix
  • Alcantara (pseudo suede)

Our team only use the best tools to clean car interiors to maximise the reduction of wear and tear So how does our service make us the best car upholstery cleaner?
We use exactly the same equipment and advanced cleaning solutions as we use when we clean your upholstery in your home. This type of equipment is simply not used by typical car upholstery cleaning services such as car valetters. As a result we get far superior results in See our discount packages heremost cases and leave your upholstery much drier than most car valetters can, thereby reducing drying times significantly.

Which parts of the car interior can we clean?

  • Seats
  • Fabric door cards (if applicable)
  • Carpets/mats

Where can we carry out the clean?
We can carry out our car upholstery cleaning service either at your home (in most cases your car will need to parked off road on a driveway or similar) or you can bring your car to us by appointment and have the interior cleaned while you wait.

What don’t we clean?
Generally we don’t clean the various plastics to the dash, centre consoles, vents, grilles, glass side windows or front/rear screens etc – in most cases it is more economical for you to use a car valetter for this type of cleaning or we will be happy to quote you separately for this service.

Why Use Us?

  • Fraction of the cost of replacement
  • Suitable for Sofas and armchairs
  • Suitable for Car interiors
  • Suitable for Dining chairs
  • Suitable for Handbags
  • Cleans man made fabrics
  • Leave your car cleaner and dryer than average valetters

We only use Eco-friendly chemicals on our Customer's Upholstery and FurnitureAll our Upholstery Cleaning Substances are Safe for PetsAll our Upholstery Cleaning Substances are Safe for Children & Pets