Rugs We Clean

There are very few rugs we can’t clean – in most cases a simple test can ascertain whether your rug is safe to clean.

Generally we clean any of the following rugs

  • Chinese/Oriental rugs
  • Persian rugs
  • Indian rugs
  • Afghan rugs
  • Modern rugs – Wool or synthetic fibre rugs

Our rug cleaning tool

If you can’t see your type of rug listed, please call us to discuss as there is still a good chance it can be safely cleaned. Whether antique or modern, we can clean and revive your rug to give it a new lease of life.

On or off-site rug cleaning?

If you have several rugs to be cleaned, it is often more convenient for you if we clean your rugs at your property. Call our office or click on the express booking button to make an appointment.

If you have just one or two rugs to be cleaned, you can save money and take advantage of our rug drop and collect service – for more details and to make an appointment to drop your rugs off, call us today.

Why Use Us?

  • We professionally clean Chinese/Oriental Rugs
  • We professionally clean Persian Rugs
  • We professionally clean Indian Rugs
  • We professionally clean Afghan Rugs
  • We professionally clean Modern Rugs – Wool or Synthetic Fibre
  • We offer a rug drop-off / pick up deal to cut down your costs
  • We can arrange to clean your rugs at your property whenever is convenient for you