Rug Maintenance / Stain Removal Tips

A Brighter Home – rug maintenance. We all know that accidents happen – (especially if you’ve got kids, pets, husbands or all of the above!)
So we’ve put together some basic rug maintenance tips for basic stain removal and a general carpet care guide. Hopefully this will get you out of trouble, but if all else fails and you need an emergency visit then please get in touch!

General Advice and stain removal

Vacuum Twice a Week

To keep your rugs in tip top condition, regular vacuuming at least twice a week is a must – this removes the tiny particles of dust that can cause premature wear in rugs. An upright vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush will always work more efficiently than cylinder type vacuums

Rotate Your Rug

Try to rotate your rug every six months or so, particularly if your rug is in a high traffic area such as a hallway – this will keep pile wear more even

Someone Walked Mud In?

If someone accidently walks mud onto your rugs don’t try and carry out stain removal until the mud is dry. In most cases once the mud is dry you won’t even need a carpet stain remover, you just need to use a clean soft brush to loosen the dry mud and then your own vacuum should remove it.

Liquid Spills*

Spilt red wine, tea or coffee? Many people make the mistake of panicking and immediately throwing everything from under the kitchen sink at it! All this is likely to do is spread the stain further.

First of all, take clean, dry white cloths or paper towels (don’t use anything with colour on it or you’re in danger of putting colour into the rug too!) and blot as much liquid up as you can. DO NOT RUB! Rubbing the pile can cause burring and distortion of the rug fibres and leave you with a clean but strange looking patch on your rug

Treat any remaining staining with small amounts of luke warm water, blotting in between applications. Only then should any residual staining be treated with a reputable carpet stain remover.

We can recommend you try our own Professional Strength Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover.

Please be aware many of the shop bought stain removers have artificial brighteners that can adversely affect the colour of your rug and even set stains – our own A Brighter Home spot remover has none of these.


If you’re unfortunate enough to get blood on your rug, follow the above advice regarding liquid spills but use only COLD water or you can set the stain.


Scrape up solids first with a spoon or blunt edged tool, working inwards to the middle of the stain to avoid spreading it further, then follow advice as above for spills.

*Please note this is of course intended as a guide only and A Brighter Home cannot be held responsible in any way for any damage that may occur. In all cases before attempting any cleaning yourself, always pre-test an inconspicuous area of the rug (such as the back) to ensure colour fastness and that no other damage occurs. If you are at all unsure we would always recommend that use a professional such as ourselves. We are always happy to give free phone advice.

In most cases, by following the above advice and/or using our ‘Professional Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover’ most stains and spills can be successfully dealt with yourself.

Still need help with an emergency and don’t have any of our Professional Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover, call us on 0845 658 8276 and we will aim to be with you as soon as possible.

Rug Advice…

  • Vacuum Twice a Week
  • Rotate Your Rug
  • Wait for Mud to Dry before Cleaning
  • Liquids? Use dry white cloths, then luke warm water, if need be then our special Stain Remover
  • Use COLD water on blood spills
  • Treat Vomit like spills after scaping up solids with a spoon / blunt tool