Rug Cleaning Process

Why trust us as your professional rug cleaner?
There are lots of cleaners who will tell you they are the best rug cleaning company – so which professional rug cleaning system should you trust?
We have been cleaning rugs for over 20 years and are familiar with all current methods. The equipment, processes and cleaning solutions we use are the result of this experience and know how. To thoroughly clean your rugs, much as with cleaning clothes, we believe it is really only possible to get good results by emulsifying soiling into a liquid and then removing by rinsing (extracting). For this reason we use a Hot Water Extraction method but with very advanced cleaning solutions and equipment that many operators don’t invest the money or the time in

Our 10 Step Cleaning Process to the Cleanest, Healthiest Rugs


Before we begin cleaning we pre-inspect your rug and note any areas of damage or potentially permanent stains – we will always report these to you prior to cleaning in case you don’t want to proceed

Agitate Rug to Remove Loose Soiling

Your rug is placed on a special cleaning grid and gently agitated with vibration to remove loose soiling*

High Filtration Commercial Vacuum

Both sides of the rug are vacuumed with a high filtration commercial vacuum system specifically designed for deep down soil removal

Test for Colour Fastness

All rugs are tested for colour fastness. Occasionally colours can run in which case we will not proceed with the rug cleaning but this is very rare.

Apply Eco-Friendly Non Toxic Pre-Spray

Next we will apply a pre-spray which is then gently brushed in to the carpet. This begins to lift oily dirt and pollutants from your rug fibres and suspends them in solution ready to be extracted using our state of the art high pressure extraction machines

High Pressure Extraction

Our patented extractor sprays high pressure water based solution into the carpet fibres to quickly and efficiently rinse away soiling. Through the use of WonderWand® extraction technology, we recover up to 92% of the solution, meaning not only a thorough clean but exceptional drying times.

Further Stain Removal

Any remaining stains that have not been fully removed are now treated by hand to ensure everything possible has been done to remove staining.

Buff Rug

We now gently buff your rug with soft absorbent pads – these remove any further soiling and help reduce drying times

Treat Fringes

If fringes are present on your rug we will gently clean these by hand

Groom Rug

We now groom your rug to leave it in the best possible condition.

*Not available for on-site rug cleaning service

Why Use Us?

  • Deep and thorough clean using the most high-tech equipment
  • Our products are all safe to use on wool carpets and rugs
  • Cleaner rugs for longer – no dirt attracting residues left behind
  • Removes most stubborn stains
  • Extends the life of your rugs
  • Stain protection treatment available
  • Baby & Pet safe eco friendly solutions
  • Option to bring your rugs to our in-house cleaning facility to save £’s
  • Great discounts for using more than one of our services – click here to see multi service packages