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  • Most rugs dry within 1-2 hours!
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    Rug Cleaning

    For Expert Rug Cleaning, A Brighter Home are the pro’s. Covering Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, London and surrounding areas.

    rug cleaningYou can either deliver your rugs to our facility or we’ll come to you!

    Rugs can be a significant investment and we take great care to clean, restore and keep them looking beautiful at A Brighter Home – Rug Cleaning.  Approved by ‘’ and awarded ‘Which? Trusted Trader’ status. We provide quality, service and value for money.  At A Brighter Home, we have experience going back over 25 years.  Our knowledge is second to none. You only need to deal with one company – Welcome to your Brighter Home.

    We can safely and effectively clean all types of rugs including oriental rugs, persian rugs and man made rugs.  Using patented technology, we clean rugs better and dry them faster than many others. Our Eco friendly, child and pet safe rug cleaning solutions are based on food grade ingredients. They work well on all types of rugs, including wool fibres, whilst leaving no dirt attracting residues, so your rugs stay cleaner longer.

    My rugs never looked as good as this when the previous rug company cleaned them!

    child safe rug cleaningWe hear this from our customers almost every day. Want to see for pet safe rug cleaningyourself what sets us apart from the rest? Call us today and try out our premium rug cleaning service. Once you have experienced the Brighter Home difference, you won’t want to go anywhere else. With A Brighter Home rug cleaning, we leave no dirt attracting residues, we only use non toxic solutions and most importantly, we don’t leave your rugs soaking wet. With our rug cleaning process we leave rugs dry in 1 to 2 hours, not days!

    At A Brighter Home we also specialise in rug cleaning stain removal. If you’ve had an wine spill on rugaccidental spill on your rug, give us a call as we can almost certainly help.

    Our philosophy is simple.  To carry out the most effective professional rug cleaning possible, whilst offering genuine value for money. If, for whatever reason, our rug cleaning process doesn’t exceed your expectations and leave you thrilled with the results, we won’t charge you. Your peace of mind is guaranteed.  We also clean carpets and sofas, including leather, just as beautifully!

    By cleaning & stain protecting your rugs regularly you not only keep them fresh & clean, they will have a longer lifespan too.  Our gentle process can clean most types of rugs including oriental rugs.   Using the most effective equipment available together with Eco friendly, Child & Pet safe solutions, our quick drying cleaning process will deep clean the rugs throughout your home.   We have a full range of products designed to help us to remove most stains. We can also stain protect your rugs against any future accidental spills, helping to reduce the risk of permanent staining in the future.

    Our rug cleaning process:

    • Pre-clean inspection to identify any areas of concern or existing faults
    • Pre-test rug to ensure safe to clean
    • Vacuum rug both sides to remove loose debris
    • Pre-spray rug with cleaning solution and agitate with contra-rotating brushes to loosen and emulsify soiling
    • Deep clean using powerful high psi twin vac cleaning system to rinse and thoroughly remove soiling down to base of fibres
    • Buff to further remove soiling and help ensure fast drying time
    • Customer inspects and signs off job

    Why Use Us?

    • Deep and thorough clean using the most high-tech equipment
    • Our products are all safe to use on wool carpets and rugs
    • Cleaner rugs for longer – no dirt attracting residues left behind
    • Removes most stubborn stains
    • Extends the life of your rugs
    • Stain protection treatment available
    • Baby & Pet safe eco friendly solutions
    • Option to bring your rugs to our in-house cleaning facility to save £’s
    • Great discounts for using more than one of our services – click here to see multi service packages
    + Read our FAQs Rug Cleaning

    + FAQs About Rug Cleaning

    Q. I notice that you have a facility for customers to drop their rugs to you. Can you also clean rugs at my property?

    A. Yes we can. If you have 2 or more rugs to be cleaned it is often just as economical for us to come to you to clean them. However, for those customers who may only have one rug, it is often far more economical to bring your rug to us. Most rug cleans can be completed within a few days.

    Q. What types of rugs can you clean?

    A. Most types. Whether your rug is mass produced and was relatively inexpensive or you have invested a lot of money, we can usually safely clean it. This includes Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Wool/Wool mix rugs, Cotton rugs and Synthetic rugs, though silk rugs generally can’t be cleaned. Our highly trained operators always pretest rugs before cleaning to ensure they are safe to be cleaned. Call us on 0845 658 8276 to discuss your needs or click here

    Q. Why do I need to have my rug cleaned?

    A. Apart from the obvious reason of general day to day stains and soiling, it is most important to keep all types of carpets and rugs clean. Tiny particles of soiling build up over time that normal domestic vacuums do not remove – left in the rug these particles of soiling can lead to premature ageing of the fibres by abrasion each time you walk on them. Our gentle but highly effective cleaning methods help with the removal of these damaging soil particles whilst also restoring the appearance of your rug.