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Leather Cleaning by the Professionals Leather Cleaning by the Professionals

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    Leather Cleaning by the Professionals

    For Expert Professional Leather Cleaning, A Brighter Home are the pro’s. Covering Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, London and surrounding areas.

    Approved by ‘’ and awarded professional leather cleaning‘Which? Trusted Trader’ status. We provide quality, service and value for money.  At A Brighter Home, we are a professional leather cleaning company with experience of leather cleaning going back over 25 years.  Our knowledge is second to none. You only need to deal with one company – Welcome to your Brighter Home.

    Leather furniture can be a large investment.  To maximise its life, and ensure you can enjoy your leather furniture for many years to come, it’s vital that it is properly maintained through professional leather cleaning.

    Over a period of time, lots of things can gradually damage the surface of your leather, such as body oils, perspiration and cosmetics. DIY solutions simply can’t match 25+ years of experience of professional leather furniture cleaning. We hand clean your leather using gentle leather cleaning solutions.  The process is then completed with a treatment of leather conditioner – this protects your leather and ensures it stays supple.

    With A Brighter Home’s Leather Sofa Cleaning Service, we can carry out all types of leather cleaning and restoration, from basic leather sofa cleaning right through to extensive leather sofa restoration.  The oils in your leather naturally attract soiling – keep your leather sofas looking their best through regular professional leather cleaning.

    When it comes to cleaning leather, our safe and gentle leather cleaner can remove:

    • General soiling
    • Oils and grease
    • Colour transfer and some inks and dyes*

    Many DIYers consider that cleaning leather furniture involves wiping over the surface with baby wipes or similar. Although this may remove minor soiling and spills, it’s unlikely to have much effect if you require a more thorough leather sofa cleaner. This type of DIY cleaning will also not protect the leather against cracking and drying out.

    *Although we have access to highly effective cleaning solutions, results cannot always be guaranteed and may require full leather restoration to resolve

    At A Brighter Home we pride ourselves on restoring our customer's leather furniture back to an excellent condition Our 5 Step Leather Furniture Cleaning Process: Pre-Inspection Before we begin cleaning we will pre-inspect your leather furniture to ensure that it is safe to clean. We will discuss any areas of concern you may have and make you aware of any pre-existing damage, wear and tear. We only use the best tools for working on our client's leather upholstery

    High Filtration Commercial Vacuum
    As necessary, before applying any leather cleaners, we pre-vac with a plastic tool in and around crevasses, seams etc to remove loose soiling debris etc

    Apply Leather Furniture Cleaner
    We then apply by hand our gentle but effective leather upholstery cleaner to all surfaces.

    Click here to see our special cleaning packages and discounts we have to offer Apply Leather Protection Cream
    Once we are satisfied that all soiling has been removed, we apply our professional leather protection cream to ensure leather stays supple and does not crack or dry out.

    Customer Sign Off
    Once completed, we will invite you to inspect our work and ensure that you are satisfied. Please also remember that even after we leave you are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any part of our service, we will happily return and put things right until you are!

    Why Use Us?

    • Pre-Inspection and discussion to highlight any possible implications
    • High Filtration Commercial Vacuuming before the main clean to remove any loose dirt
    • Apply leather furniture cleaner
    • Apply Leather Protection Cream once all the stains and dirt has been removed to maximise future protection
    • Customer sign off when you are 100% happy with the results

    We only use Eco-friendly chemicals on our Customer's Upholstery and FurnitureAll our Upholstery Cleaning Substances are Safe for PetsAll our Upholstery Cleaning Substances are Safe for Children & Pets