Fridge Cleaning FAQs

Q. What preparations should I make before you come to clean my fridge or freezer?

A. Very little really – When we arrive you will need to remove your food from your fridge or freezer and we will supply coolbags to help with this. Our operators will not have any contact with your food – We appreciate the need to keep some foods separate and that most people would not want their food to be handled by a third party.
Likewise, when the job is completed we will ask you to restock your fridge or freezer.

Q. Can you clean any type of fridge or freezer including frost free and American style?

A. Yes we can clean all types of fridge or freezer including chest freezers.

Q. My fridge freezer is stainless steel – are you able to clean this too?

A. Yes we can. We will clean all accessible areas (without moving it) of the outside of your fridge freezer. Stainless steel fridge freezers are cleaned with stainless steel cleaner.

Q. Do I have to defrost my freezer before you come?

A. No – During the cleaning process we will remove all of the ice leaving your freezer free of frost.

Q. Can my freezer be defrosted ‘in-situ’? My reason for asking is that it is on a wooden floor in my kitchen.

A. Yes we clean and defrost in-situ. Our steam cleaning machines vacuum simultaneously as we defrost and we also protect all surrounding areas so there is no risk of damaging your floor.