Pee Gone Pet Urine Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Treatment 500ml


The pet urine treatment used by professionals.

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Carpet and upholstery pet urine stain remover. Pee Gone! is used by professionals for removing dog urine, cat urine, rabbit urine and more from carpets and sofas. It is an extremely effective, highly concentrated enzyme based formula for the treatment of pet urine odours and stains. Pee Gone pet urine remover can be safely applied to most washable carpets, fabrics and many hard surfaces. Also great for litter trays! Pee Gone!’s concentrated stain removing formula means one 500ml bottle is enough to make up to 10 separate treatments.

Pee Gone! doesn’t just mask the urine odour with a perfume that quickly wears off like many off the shelf treatments – its special enzyme formula actually digests the urine crystals and bacteria that are creating the odour, killing it permanently.

Directions: Blot any fresh urine stains with an absorbent cloth such as white kitchen/terry towel to soak up excess. Always mix Pee Gone! fresh.

Mix approx. 1 part concentrate to 10 parts warm (not hot) water.

Wherever possible use deionised water as this has less chlorine than tap water which can reduce the effectiveness of the active enzymes.

Generously spray the affected area. For the most effective results, you may also need to treat the back of the carpet, underlay and subfloor in cases of heavy contamination. Leave to dry. Severe cases may require repeat treatments. The active enzymes will continue to digest the urine whilst the area remains wet, for up to 24-48 hours. During this time it is not unusual to smell a stronger urine or other unpleasant odour – this is normal and means the enzymes are doing their job!

Please note as a result of urine contamination, your affected item is already damaged. Although this product can be highly affective, it is not guaranteed to work in all cases.

A Brighter Home cannot be held responsible for any damage or discolouration that may occur to items where the product is applied. ALWAYS PRE-TEST IN AN INCONSPICUOUS AREA BEFORE USE.

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Blot any fresh spillage with an absorbent cloth such as white kitchen/terry towel to soak up excess.