Our Oven Cleaning Process

One of our Oven Cleaning Technician VansWhy trust us as your professional oven cleaning company?
There are lots of oven clean companies who will all tell you they are the best oven cleaner – so which professional cooker cleaning company should you trust in your home?

We have experience of cleaning ovens going back to 2004 – since then our operators have cleaned more than 25000 ovens! The equipment, processes and cleaning solutions we use are the result of this experience and know how. The following is our ‘quick guide’ to oven cleaning and the various processes – together with our handy comparison chart you can be sure you’ve made the right choice using A Brighter Home as your oven cleaners.

There are only a handful of distinct methods of how to clean an oven:

Our cleaning methods leave ovens, hobs, grills, extractor fans and BBQs like new!

  • Professional oven cleaning company using non-caustic oven cleaning products
  • Professional oven cleaning service using combination of caustic and non-caustic oven cleaning solutions (Semi-Caustic Cleaning)
  • Professional oven cleaning companies using fully caustic oven cleaning products
  • Steam cleaning ovens
  • DIY caustic products such as Ovenpride™ or Mr Muscle®

We only use eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe oven cleaning substances to ensure maximum safety for our customers

Although caustic oven cleaning products do work, by their nature the heavy duty oven cleaner solutions involved are highly toxic and can cause skin burns, irritation to skin and lungs and can also damage oven surfaces. Steam is generally only used in professional kitchens to break down grease but is not
Click here for our special Oven Cleaning offers!effective at breaking down carbon – although we use steam cleaning for some of our other services such as fridge and freezer cleaning, we do not use it to ovenclean for this reason.

At A Brighter Home we only use 100% non-caustic, non-toxic oven clean solutions and we use fresh solution for every clean. We believe this is better for our customers, better for the oven, better for the environment and better for our own operators’ health

Our 8 Step Cleaning Process to the Cleanest, Healthiest Ovens, Hobs and Extractors

Before we start the oven clean process, we will carry out a pre-inspection with you. This enables you to point out any areas of particular concern you may have and for us to advise accordingly

Protect Area Surrounding Oven

Surrounding floor area etc covered to protect surfaces

Remove Doors
Where applicable and possible we will remove doors – this allows full access for a more thorough clean

Remove and Clean Racks / Liners
We remove racks and liners where possible to our mobile dip tank where they are cleaned using 100% non-caustic solution

Remove and Slit Glass
Where applicable and possible we remove and then split the glass ensuring that all possible surfaces are cleaned to

Remaining Oven Surfaces Cleaned
All accessible remaining oven surfaces inside and out are now cleaned by hand using our 100% non-caustic cleaning solutions to remove grease and carbon.

Reassemble Oven and Function Check
We now reassemble the oven and fully function test it

Customer Sign-Off
Once completed, we will invite you to inspect our work and ensure that you are satisfied. Your oven is now ready to use! Please also remember that even after we leave you are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any part of our service, we will happily return and put things right until you are!

Because of the problems that caustic oven cleaners cause, A Brighter Home choose not to use them. However, please be aware that because caustics are still considered so effective, many other oven cleaning companies use caustic solutions in their van dip tanks to clean your oven racks, trays etc.

Their marketing will be worded very carefully to say that no caustic products are used in your home. What many customers don’t realise is that these companies re-use this caustic solution for several weeks at a time – meaning that your oven racks and trays could be being cleaned in dirty solution made up of other people’s dirt and grease!

And finally, if you feel like doing the job yourself and buy the products from the supermarket………

Please see the following links regarding the use of Oven Pride™ and its effects:
Net Mums

BBC News

and from Ovenpride’s own website!:
• Beware! It says it is safe for use on stainless steel but it has discoloured and ruined the stainless steel front panel of my hob. I will be writing to complain with photos.
By: Nazima Golamaully, London 05/09/2011

Why Use Us?

  • Oven, hob and extractor ready to use straight away
  • New cleaning solutions mixed for each customer (some of our competitors re-use solution several times)
  • All solutions used are non-toxic and non-caustic, protecting both you and your oven
  • Minor repairs can also be undertaken such as replacing bulbs and hinges for a small additional cost
  • We can also clean your microwave, fridge, freezer or BBQ
  • Highly experienced technicians, CRB checked for your peace of mind
  • Great discounts for using more than one of our services
  • Great discounts for regular cleans!

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