Q. Do my oven racks, grill pan and baking trays also get cleaned?

A. We always clean your oven racks as part of the job. In most cases we will also clean the grill pan that came with the oven (as long as the surface can be cleaned without damaging it). We can also clean your baking trays for a small extra cost – please ask the technician at the time of the clean.

Q. Can my oven be used straightaway after you have cleaned it?

A. Yes! Our Eco friendly cleaning solutions are completely safe and non-toxic and you can start cooking immediately. We only use non-caustic, non-toxic solutions to clean with.

Q. My bulb has gone in the oven – can you carry out repairs such as this?

A. Yes – Our technicians carry most types of bulbs and can replace them at the time of the clean for a small extra charge. We can often carry out other minor repairs such as replacing broken door hinges and seals, although a second visit may be required if parts need to be ordered. For more complex repairs we work with several reputable companies that we can recommend.

Q. I have an Aga – Do you clean these?

A. Yes – We specialise in cleaning all types of Agas and Rayburns. We can also clean other types of range ovens including Falcon

Q. Do you clean ‘Australian style’ BBQs?

A. Yes – we clean all makes of gas BBQ including popular makes such as Outback, Weber, Billyoh and Fire Mountain. This is becoming a very popular service – Just because you are eating outside you shouldn’t have to taste burnt carbon with your chicken!

Q. My oven says that is a self cleaning oven – can you clean this type of oven and does it need to be cleaned?

A. Yes, we clean lots of so called self cleaning ovens! The term self cleaning oven really only refers to the liners in the side of the oven. Unfortunately, the rest of the oven – door, glass, racks, trays, knobs, control panel etc still get dirty and require cleaning.