Mattress Cleaning FAQs

Q. You mention that part of your mattress cleaning process involves treating the mattress with a sanitisation product – what does this actually do?

A. Our process involves three separate stages. High temperature steam cleaning your mattress helps to eradicate existing dust mite infestations. Through our separate powerful vacuum extraction process we then remove a large proportion of shed skin cells and dust mite droppings. Finally, the mattress is treated with a sanitiser which destroys the remaining dust mite droppings, skin cells etc. This effectively removes the dust mites’ food chain. Without this source dust mites, mould, fungi and bacteria cannot develop.

Q. How often should my mattress be cleaned?

A. To help prevent reinfestation and promote a healthy environment, we recommend cleaning and treating mattresses every 6-12 months

Q. My daughter has a dust mite allergy, would your mattress cleaning service be beneficial?

A. Absolutely – your daughter is actually most likely to be allergic to dust mite droppings. Our process works by removing and destroying the dust mites, their droppings and skin cells, thereby preventing the development of further dust mites. We would recommend treating her mattress every 6-12 months.

Q. Is your process effective at removing stains from mattresses?

A. Stains are usually very difficult to successfully remove from most mattresses due to the nature of the material. We will always do our very best but cannot guarantee success. Please bear in mind however that even if stains are not removed, the mattress will still be fully cleaned and sanitised, bringing all of the inherent benefits

Q. Can other bedding such as duvets, sheets, pillow cases be treated?

A. Any items that are regularly washed (pillow cases, sheets etc) do not need to be treated. Dry clean only items such as duvets or pillows can be treated. It is recommended that these are re-treated every 3 dry cleans.

Q. Can this treatment be used on other soft furnishings such as carpets?

A. Yes – this treatment is particularly effective against such infestations as carpet moths

Q. Is your treatment suitable to eradicate bed bug infestations?

A. In most cases yes – Bed bugs are particularly virulent and infestations spread rapidly. If you believe you have bed bugs we would recommend our mattress cleaning and sanitisation service is booked as soon as possible.