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Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning

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    Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning

    At A Brighter Home we have over 20 years’ experience of commercial hard floor cleaning and fully understand the needs of our corporate clients.
    At A Brighter Home, with our many years of experience we can help and advise you in managing your commercial hard floor cleaning. The equipment, processes and cleaning solutions we use are the result of our extensive experience and know how.

    The problem – modern commercial floor tiles are often engineered with a slightly textured non slip surface – this, combined with the inevitable scratches and wear and tear, all contribute to ceramic floors becoming soiled, dull and virtually impossible to effectively clean via traditional methods such as mop and bucket. Also, because of its absorbent nature, grout quickly becomes discoloured and is a breeding ground for bacteria.

    To thoroughly clean your hard floors, we believe it is really only possible to get good results by emulsifying the soiling into a liquid and then removing by rinsing (extracting). For this reason we use a Steam Cleaning Extraction method with very advanced cleaning solutions and equipment that typical operators don’t invest the money or the time in.

    Our 7 Step Cleaning Process to the Cleanest, Healthiest Hard Floors

    Before we bring any equipment into your premises, we will carry out a pre-inspection with you. This enables you to point out any areas of particular concern you may have and for us to advise accordingly

    Pre-Test to Ensure Safe to Clean
    If necessary, we pre-test somewhere inconspicuous to ensure your flooring can be safely cleaned

    Apply Eco-Friendly Non Toxic Pre-Spray
    Next we will apply a pre-spray to all areas, with particular attention to grout lines. This is then agitated with brushes to emulsify the trapped soiling, grease, limescale and bacteria in the floor and suspends them in solution ready to be extracted using our state of the art high pressure steam extraction machines

    High Pressure Deep Steam Clean Extraction
    Our steam extractor sprays high pressure water based steam directly onto the grouting and tiles and efficiently vacuums away soiling. By the use of steam cleaning grout and tiles, our hi-tech process uses very little water, meaning we don’t flood moisture sensitive areas. The added benefit of steam means flooring or wall tiles are also sterilised during the process, killing harmful bacteria.

    Further Hand Cleaning as Required
    Any remaining hard to access areas etc are now treated by hand to ensure the most thorough clean possible.

    Re-Colour and/or Reseal Grout (optional extra service)
    If required, grout can re-coloured to look like new again or alternatively just sealed to prevent further discolouration. This is an optional extra cost service, please call us for details.

    Customer Sign Off
    Once completed, we will invite you to inspect our work and ensure that you are satisfied. Please also remember that even after we leave you are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any part of our service, we will happily return and put things right until you are!

    Why Use Us?

    • Pre-Inspection
    • Pre-Test to Ensure Safe to Clean
    • Apply Eco-Friendly Non Toxic Pre-Spray
    • High Pressure Deep Steam Clean Extraction
    • Further Hand Cleaning as Required
    • Re-Colour and/or Reseal Grout (optional extra service)
    • Customer Sign Off to Ensure 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed