Commercial Cleaning FAQs

Q. Can you carry out cleaning to our commercial premises out of hours?

A. Yes we can by arrangement. If you have a particular requirement for your commercial carpet, upholstery or oven cleaning to be completed outside of office hours this can be arranged as necessary. During the on-site quote process we can discuss these needs with you.

Q. When carrying out cleaning, does A Brighter Home satisfy all relevant health and safety rules and regulations?

A. Yes – before any work takes place in a commercial environment we will carry out a risk assessment. As necessary, a method statement of our proposed works can be supplied. Finally, all cleaning solutions we use are specifically chosen to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. All waste is disposed of in a considered manner as necessary.

Q. Some of our staff have medical complaints such as asthma, is your carpet and upholstery cleaning system safe to use in our premises?

A. Although everything we use has been designed to be non-toxic, it is impossible to guarantee 100% that no one will have an adverse reaction to something we may use if they are particularly sensitive. Although it is unlikely any of your staff would have a problem, our advice would always be to exclude these staff members from the areas cleaned until they are dry. Please remember though that regular cleaning of carpets and soft upholstery is one of the best ways to promote a healthy, dust free environment.

Q. Our carpets were cleaned a few years ago by another company and they took 2 or 3 days to dry. You say you get most carpets dry in about 1-2 hours – how is your process different?

A. Once the cleaning solution has done its job to clean the carpet, the drying time is all down to how effective the vacuum and airflow is on the machine doing the cleaning. Our carpet cleaning machines are amongst the most powerful portable units on the market – their dual vacuum system in conjunction with Wonder Wand® technology ensures we remove as much moisture as possible. If your carpet has a very thick pile or is very absorbent, our operator may also use a secondary buffing process as part of the clean which will also help to minimise the drying time.