Our Carpet Cleaning Process

One of Our Carpet Cleaning VehiclesWhy trust us as your professional carpet cleaner?

There are lots of carpet cleaning companies who will all tell you they are the best carpet cleaner – so which professional carpet cleaning process should you trust in your
home or office?

We have been cleaning carpets for over 20 years and are familiar with all current methods. The equipment, processes and cleaning solutions we use are the result of this experience and know how. The following is our ‘quick guide’ to carpet cleaning processes – together with our handy comparison chart you can be sure you’ve made the right choice using A Brighter Home to clean your carpets.

There are only a handful of distinct methods of cleaning carpets:

  • Hot water extraction (HWE), often misnamed as ‘carpet steam cleaners’
  • Dry compound (Host®)
  • Spray and ‘bonnet’ buff

To thoroughly clean your carpets, much as with cleaning clothes, we believe it is really only possible to get good results by emulsifying soiling into a liquid and then removing by rinsing (extracting).  For this reason we use a Hot Water Extraction method but with very advanced cleaning solutions and equipment that typical operators don’t invest the money or the time in.

We currently cover all the areas including and surrounding: Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, North and North West London.
We’re expanding all the time, so if you don’t see your area listed, give us a call as we may be able to serve you.

Our 10 Step Cleaning Process to the Cleanest, Healthiest Carpets Our Carpet Cleaning Process Leaves your Carpets Fresh and Revitalised

Pre-Inspection Before we bring any equipment into your property we will carry out a pre-inspection with you. This enables you to point out any areas of particular concern you may have and for us to advise accordingly

High Filtration Commercial Vacuum If necessary, we vacuum with a high filtration commercial vacuum system specifically designed for deep down soil removal Our Technicians only use Quality Carpet Cleaning Tools to Ensure Carpets are not Damaged in the Cleaning Process

Move Furniture Unless carrying out a walkway only clean we will move larger furnishings such as 3 piece suite and dining tables. For insurance reasons we ask you to remove smaller valuable items such as ornaments before we arrive Click Here to see our Carpet Cleaning Special Offers

Apply Eco-Friendly Non Toxic Pre-Spray Next we will apply a pre-spray to heavily soiled areas and stains which is then mechanically brushed in to the carpet. This begins to lift oily dirt and pollutants from your carpet fibres and suspends them in solution ready to be extracted using our state of the art high pressure extraction machines

High Pressure Extraction Our patented extractor sprays high pressure water based solution into the carpet fibres to quickly and efficiently rinse away soiling. Through the use of WonderWand® extraction technology, we recover up to 92% of the solution, meaning not only a thorough clean but exceptional drying times.

Further Stain Removal Any remaining stains that have not been fully removed are now treated by hand to ensure everything possible has been done to remove staining.

Buff Carpet Unlike the majority of our competitors, we then also ‘buff’ your carpets with soft highly absorbent cotton pads – this helps to further dry your carpets and ensure the most thorough clean possible

Protective Furniture Tabs As necessary, furniture is replaced onto the carpet with protective foil or pads under feet to ensure there is no transfer of wood staining or rust from furniture to carpet.

Groom Carpet Where appropriate we’ll groom your carpets to leave them in the best possible condition.

Customer Sign Off Once completed, we will invite you to inspect our work and ensure that you are satisfied. Please also remember that even after we leave you are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any part of our service, we will happily return and put things right until you are!

Why Use Us?

    • Quick drying – Most Carpets are dry in 1-2 hours
    • Deep and thorough clean using the most high-tech equipment
    • Our products are all safe to use on wool carpets and rugs
    • Cleaner carpets for longer – no dirt attracting residues left behind
    • Removes most stubborn stains
    • Baby & Pet safe eco friendly solutions
    • We move and replace the furniture
    • Stain protection treatment available
    • Great discounts for regular cleans!

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